CCRRF Press Release

Great American Railroad Show Chugging into San Luis Obispo in March 2011

Rail Themed Stage Show will include Music, Humor, History, Video & Special Effects

December 18, 2010

The Great American Railroad Show will premiere in San Luis Obispo in late March 2011. This unique, "steam powered" live stage show will be presented at the Unity Theatre on March 18,19,20,25, 26 & 27. The show has been crafted by Writer/Creator Joe Burns and is being co-produced by Curtis Reinhardt, Director of the Central Coast Railroad Festival. Joe is a Disney Company veteran and Curtis is a music and events industry professional. Theatre professional Jake McGuire will direct.


Welcome and "All Aboard" for The Great American Railroad Show! Train enthusiasts, theatre buffs and music fans will not want to miss this entertainment experience. This professional show promises to be intriguing for adults of all ages as well as fascinating for younger family members. Every passenger on this theatrical railroad show will be served a full menu of RR history and RR humor. The performances will include dancing, singing, railroad films, movie clips and an old fashioned melodrama. Historical elements will be woven into the show including the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad as well as focuses on the Central Pacific, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroads. The program will be staged as a live radio show taping similar to ?A Prairie Home Companion? with Garrison Keillor. The Great American Railroad Show will include a "preshow" environment which will feature model railroads and exhibits about Central Coast railroad history.

The cast will include 10 singers and actors who will be selected at auditions in late January. Tickets will go on sale in early February. Great American Railroad Show details and updates can be found at or by calling the Central Coast Railroad Festival office at 805-773-4173.


For Immediate Release
December 18, 2010

Curtis Reinhardt, Director
Central Coast Railroad Festival