CVMW/Jeff Parker Layout

CVMW/Jeff Parker Layout

October 8, 2011

Jeff Parker/Central Valley Model Works. This layout was built by the late Jack Parker, owner of Central Valley Model Works. It is now operated by his son, Jeff. It represents the Northern Pacific in Montana in the era from the early 1940s to the early 1960s. The often photographed scenes depict Logan, Montana. While considerable "artistic license" has been taken with the actual arrangement of Logan, the layout allows the simulation of the actual operation of Northern Pacific trains going to and from St. Paul and Tacoma. The layout room is a generous 17' x 50' plus an extra eight-foot extension on the east end for return loops. The track is, of course, Central Valley CVT. That product was designed and developed for and then used on this layout. Jack's good friend and fellow N.P. model railroader David Coster helped design the layout and also did all of the wiring. The layout features a great roster of detailed brass steam locomotives and these all are tuned and weighted to pull scale length trains. Brief tours of the Central Valley Model Works facility will be given as time permits. Photo website. Central Valley website.

This photo courtesy of Jeff and Heather Parker, 9/25/13.

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