Paul's G-scale 2012

October 6, 2012
Paul's G-scale Layout

The Los Osos Valley Railroad is Paul's HO scale 400 sq. foot double deck, point to point layout. It represents the Southern Pacific Coast Line from San Luis Obispo to San Miguel in 1949. The layout is designed for operations and features hand-laid track, NCE DCC, sound equipped locomotives. Both ends of the layout have off-layout staging areas. The D&P Mountain Railroad is Paul's freelanced Fn3 (1:20.3 scale) garden railroad. This is a U-shaped design around 3 1/2 sides of house. The mainline is planned for 600 feet. The first phase of construction is complete with a 350 foot mainline and 150 feet of sidings and industry spurs. The maximum grade is four percent with 10-foot minimum diameter curves. Entire railroad is raised off the ground. The D&P Mountain Railroad is based on Colorado mountain railroading with mining and lumber operations in the 1940s era. This is narrow gauge steam railroading in a heavily forested layout. Over 120 dwarf Alberta Spruce trees planted so far along with other dwarf vegetation. There is a seventy-foot real stream with waterfalls ending in log pond for saw mill. The emphasis is on short line operations with the provision for continuous running. Six 2-person crews will eventually handle operations. The current layout supports two 2-person crews. Locomotives are battery powered with radio control, QSI sound decoders and Airwire throttles. Staging is planned in a 10 ft. x 10 ft. storage building.

Click here for a YouTube video shot today using a camera mounted on the caboose and facing forward.

Photos by Paul Deis.