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Jeff Parker / Central Valley Model Works:

Jeff and Heather Parker.

Doc Burnstein's in Orcutt:

Mark Goodman's Layout:

Thanks to Curtis Reinhardt for these photos and videos.

Sunday: Layouts

October 4, 2015

Geoff Clinton's Layout:

The engine in these photos is his smallest, but most powerful engine! It produces 80psi as opposed to the 30psi that most of his other engines run under. This engine runs on a propane mixture.

Skip Purper's Layout:

Skip Purper.

Central Coast Trains owners Anita Walter and her husband Carl with a store employee.

Central Coast Trains' automobile!

Jeff Parker's Layout:

Mark Goodman's Layout:

Model Railroads of Southern California's Layout Tour Coordinator Bob Chaparro and his wife.

Santa Maria railroader Ed Morse (in overalls) and a visiting railroad friend from the LA area.