Daily: Regularly scheduled Amtrak service on the Coast Starlight (San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles) and Pacific Surfliner (San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach, Guadalupe/Santa Maria, Lompoc)

  • The Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner runs twice daily round trips from the Southern California into San Luis Obispo (including stops in Lompoc Surf, Guadalupe & Grover Beach). Festival fans are encouraged to contact Amtrak directly to purchase tickets. Tickets available through Amtrak's staffed station in SLO and at the self help kiosks at the Amtrak platforms in Lompoc Surf, Guadalupe and Grover Beach. It is advisable to buy your tickets in advance although you can buy them from the conductor onboard also if necessary. Regular Amtrak Discounts are available for seniors (10%), children up to 15 years (50%), Military, NARP, etc. As an example, adult fares from Grover Beach to SLO and back are around $15 round trip and children are around $7 round trip. The price is a little more from Guadalupe or Lompoc Surf.

    We suggest that you take the mid day Pacific Surfliners coming from the south and turning around in SLO. If you ride on Saturday you will be able to attend the SLO Freight House Celebration for an hour while the train turns around. If you ride on Sunday you could start your trip in Guadalupe and check out the historical activities at that platform before or after your ride up to SLO. While at SLO station on Sunday you can have lunch at one of the Historical Railroad District restaurants or take a self guided walking tour of the area. (Pick up a free Walk of History map in the Amtrak Station.)

    The mid day Surfliner generally offers a snack/lounge car.

    Train schedule:

    Northbound #799 Pacific Surfliner:
    11:33am - Lompoc Surf
    12:09pm - Guadalupe
    12:26pm - Grover Beach
    12:45pm - arrive San Luis Obispo

    Southbound #798 Pacific Surfliner:
    2:00pm - depart San Luis Obispo
    2:20pm - Grover Beach
    2:36 pm - Guadalupe
    3:10pm - Lompoc Surf