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Jack Hutchinson's 2015 CCRRF Video
(10mb, mostly layouts)

Jack Hutchinson's 2016 CCRRF Layouts Video (43mb, 720p)

All Aboard!

San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties, California.

The Central Coast Railroad Festival (CCRRF) is a broad based festival which focuses on railroading of many types with an eye towards the beauty of the central coast of California.

Many thanks to our 2017 Major Sponsors!

City of San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria Valley Railroad
Union Pacific Railroad

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2017 Central Coast Railroad Festival. Be sure to check the Photo Index for photos as available. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future Festivals; email us at

The 2018 Festival:

October 5-7, 2018

The 2018 Central Coast Railroad Festival dates are set. We're counting down...

If you're not familiar with this Festival, check out last year's Schedule. The 2018 Schedule will start to take shape over the Summer.

Mustang News, 2016 video report: SLO residents find out how they got on the map

If you'd like to be a Participant or are interested in developing a program for this Railroad Festival, please connect with us via our Contact page.

During the days of the Festival, admission to the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum is free to holders of Amtrak tickets or receipts dated those same days.

The Festival is designed to attract the attention of avid and casual rail fans as well as curious folks from across the Western United States. It presents historical, educational and recreational events for local citizens, the area's large population of second home owners and visitors. The visibility of all local rail entities as well as railroading in general is elevated and enhanced by the Festival. A cooperative spirit is developed among all participating organizations to promote their mutual well being and to expand interest in all things rail!

Here's the current Photo Index.

Central Coast Railroad Festival from Highlight Media on Vimeo.